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MTS Particle Technology GmbH was founded in 1989, we knew that the patented 3D ORM sensor systems were the perfect solution for significant productivity and quality requirements. Today, we know more than ever that with our individual solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our customers, we more than meet the requirements of the present and the future, especially with regard to optimized results at reduced costs, with a reduced cost structure.

Because MTS Particle Technology can solve tasks completely different than you know so far - without sampling and completely insitu!

Our solutions through high-tech ORM sensor technology today reach customers worldwide and include the measurement of numerous products. All products that we see with the microscope, we can most likely also measure for you. measure. Extreme products such as bitumen emulsion and wet ground products are included.

We are a team of engineers, technicians, computer scientists and physicists, and specialized in creative and innovative solutions. Based on our many years of experience in particle measurement technology, we develop and produce unique solutions, tailored to customer-specific requirements.

Get infected by our enthusiasm for innovation and learn more about MTS Particle Technology's 3D ORM technology.

Tell us about your challenges and goals, let's sit down together and find the solutions with MTS Particle Technology!


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The ECA sensor enables the measurement of size changes in original formulations v


The IVM provides in-process, real-time, microscope-quality images and, in conjunction with the PIA Sof...


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MTS systems are suitable for any stage of development, from research to...


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MTS Particle Technology offers its customers first-class service:

We offer service for used equipment

MTS Particle Technology- developed and manufactured in Germany- specializes in particle measurement inline and insitu- manufactures, based on the patented 3D ORM technology using selective dynamic focus, with laser back-reflection-. successfully supports the production process and in the development of new product analytical technologies


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We are a permanent team consisting of engineers, designers, technicians and business economists, who implement projects innovatively, creatively and agilely with a great background of experience.

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