Particle Characteristic Analyzer ( PCA )

Technical specification:

Dynamic measuring ranges:

2 to< 600 µm

Temperature ranges:

minus 20 to 145°C

Pressure ranges:

Vacuum up to 30 bar

Diameter of the sensor on the process side:

18 or 25 or 30 mm

Sensor length on the "wet" side: 260 mm;

Optional up to 350 mm sensor material:

Stainless steel 1.4571; C22

Scanner speed:

1 m/s optiolal 2m/s


High concentrations possible Measuring times from 1 ...300 sec All particles are counted and displayed as number distribution, length distribution, surface distribution or volume distribution

Highest selectivity and sensitivity under original production conditions Increased safety during scale up and production Accelerated product development

All sensors can be insitu sterilized up to 145°C when switched off


In-situ stability control in productionInline product monitoring in real time

Online quality assurance Optimization of solid quality and pure heat Increase in productivity in the development of new formulations

Process transparency and security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Stability studies of dispersion phases Optimization of grinding processes Flocculation Dissolution Dispersion Agglomeration of particle systems Homogenization Release Granulation Precipitation Polymerization Crystallization

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MTS Particle Technology


Emulsion Characteristic Analyzer ( ECA )

The ECA- sensor allows the measurement of size changes in original formulations of suspensions and emulsions under insitu conditions with a minimum distance of 1 µsec to the next measurement event between two droplets.

SpecificationMeasuring range:
<2 - <75 µmTemperature range: 5°C - 125°CPressure range: 3 - 6 barSensor: 18 mm Advantages

Insitu therefore no time-consuming sampling and preparation Time-saving for the development of new products Real results due to measurement in original concentration Sensor can be switched off and sterilized Continuous measurement over 24h / 365 days a year


The measured data are available in the form of graphs or tables. The display can be a cumulative curve or a trend diagram.


Insitu Video Microscope ( IVM )

The IVM provides in-process real-time microscope-quality images and, in conjunction with PIA software, shape and size evaluation.

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MTS Particle Technology